19th EDITION 2022

To the rhythm of the vine


La Taille: 12 February

La Floraison: 17-26 June

Les Vendanges: 8-9 October

Lavaux Classic is a classical music festival created in 2004 and endowed with a singular identity which ensures it a strong regional and international reputation. It is defined by a demanding programme where world-renowned artists and young local talents harmoniously mix. Popular with the great artists of our time such as Katia and Marielle Labèque, Grigory Sokolov, Khatia Buniatishvili, István Várdai or Boris Berezovsky, Lavaux Classic owes its success to its dynamic, unusual and demanding profile.

Following the rhythm of the vine, the events are spread over three periods:

La Taille (the Pruning), 1 day in February, La Floraison (the Flowering), 7 days in June (festival) and Les Vendanges (the Harvest), 2 days in October. The June Festival welcomes nearly 8000 people over 7 days.

Since 2021, Lavaux Classic has created the Junior Club in order to play the role of passer-by and introduce the youngest to classical music.

Two competitions follow the rhythm of the vineyard: the Lavaux Classic Competition, which promotes the projects of young musicians from the HEMU, and the Piano Competition, which offers 4 categories from 7 to 77 years old, from young musicians to passionate amateurs to those who wish to make a living of it. Lavaux Classic thus functions as a reference platform for the new generation: it recognizes and offers a springboard for the talents of tomorrow.


In the villages, on the banks of Lake Geneva or through the steep vineyards that make the region famous, the concerts unfold their magic in breathtaking locations in Lavaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lavaux Classic invites to a singular and uninhibited musical experience. It gives pride of place to the mix of genres and welcomes its audience in a resolutely friendly and warm atmosphere. Audience and artists meet after the concerts in the region’s cellars, the artists mostly stay with local people and many meetings allow them to get up close and personal with the artists. This proximity represents the roots of Lavaux Classic and echoes the legendary hospitality of the region.

Unusual projects

Lavaux Classic offers musical walks to discover the region, open-air concerts of all styles, “carte blanche” meetings between winegrowers and musicians, exceptional concerts in incredible locations, as well as numerous activities around the concerts: public debates, concert presentations and meetings with the artists.


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La Taille - 12 February 2022
For this special event we had the opportunity to organize several activities such as : piano workshops for children (Club Junior) animated by Matthias Maurer from Piano Workshop, the announcement of the piano competition semi-finalists, which godfather is Igor Tchetuev, the presentation of the required works that Lavaux Classic commissioned from Micha Seidenberg, the signing of the agreement between the State of Vaud and the municipalities of Bourg-en-Lavaux, Vevey and the City of Pully. And the magnificent concert of Igor Tchetuev (piano) et Xavier Phillips (cello).
Les Vendanges 2021 | 7 & 11 September
7 September | Concert at the Salle del Castillo in Vevey with Beatrice Berrut and Anastasia Kobekina, preceded by the final of the 3rd Lavaux Classic competition --- 11 September: Concert at the Octogone in Pully with Dmitry Shishkin, preceded by the launch of the new piano competition.